Barbara C

It’s hard to write a review that does justice to how fabulous a 21 Main wedding is, and the expertise and caring demonstrated by everyone who worked with us. Casey saved us lots of missteps through great suggestions and by advising us on costs for the full gamut of vendors, helping us to recognize the bride’s priorities and to align our budget with those. The food and service were phenomenal. 21 Main was extremely flexible, accommodating vegans, food allergies, cocktail preferences and fussy-eater kids. Our guests raved about the quality, and the food just kept on coming (we’re BIG eaters)! Notably, 21 Main isn’t one of those venues that charges by the piece during the cocktail hour – lucky for us! Their package includes more than adequate staffing, including an extraordinary Maitre D’, bridal attendant, expert & friendly waiters & barmen, and planning support. The ceremony area and reception room are spacious and beautiful. At every wedding, unexpected complications can occur, and ours was no exception. What was exceptional, though, was how the wonderful folks at 21 Main worked through solutions on the fly that ensured a great day, and no drama or stress. For example, when our outside vendor delivered a wedding cake that had flipped over & smashed, 21 Main not only jumped in to ensure it was beautifully reconstructed, they did so quickly, and without us having a second’s anxiety about it. When our weather turned suddenly quite hot, they transitioned part of our cocktail hour indoors, allowing our guests to enjoy that great food in air-conditioned comfort. When during the reception, some guests needed a lift back to North Beach Plantation Towers, Curtiss our Maitre’ D hopped in to drive them! From beginning to end, 21 Main knocked themselves out to ensure we had easy, well thought out planning; a lovely, heartfelt ceremony; a gorgeous venue; cocktail and reception food & drinks that were beyond impressive; and an absolute blast of a party. We had absolutely no headaches, heartaches or hiccups. As Casey said, “Our job is to find a way to ‘yes’, and to help you get the wedding you want.” At 1st blush, 21 Main looked a little pricier than a couple of places we looked at, but in the end, they saved us a lot of $$. We are so glad we chose 21 Main, and so thankful to Casey, Curtiss and everyone there for making this such a wonderful event.